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Don’t Just Sit There! Get More Out of Life

"Living to Elevate Your Life"

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Don’t Just Sit There! Get More Out of Life


There is only one success, to be able to spend your life in your own way. ~ Christopher Morley

ONE MISTAKE WE ALL make in life is that we think that believing in ourselves and having faith is all that it takes to achieve massive success. We think if we pray hard enough eventually God will hear and answer our prayers. We were raised up to believe that all good things come to those who wait. This is the truth we understand about life, that patience is a virtue. When we have a dream or something that we wish to fulfill, all we do is pray and wait on God. Yes, God may answer prayers in his own time of which may be in weeks, months and even a couple of years. As long as we wait, we will someday achieve our wildest dreams.

This is the mistake most us make in life. We wait and wait thinking that opportunities will just fall into our lap. When it does fall, we`ll be ready to grab it. But opportunity doesn`t come to the one that`s waiting for it. It moves towards the one who`s moving towards it.

What I have seen and experienced working nine to five is that there is no such thing as job security. When you think you have found a secure job, the company decides to downsize – which is never a pleasant task to carry out. It affects everyone in the business. This, in turn, results in some of the employees losing their jobs, and joining the unemployment line, as the company embraces the new change.

It’s difficult times for some, as they now have to start all over again and look for a new job. The package is not even enough because most use it in an attempt to pay off debts and end up penniless. It even gets harder to find a new job because they have no useful qualifications; they worked for twenty years in a company that spat them out as soon as it decided to change. The only thing they deem to be an achievement to them is their  Long Service Awards. This to me is useless as it is just the evidence of the number of years they wasted.

Everyone has this one dream they always wished that one day they`d work on and fulfill. They found employment and slowly but surely started losing focus and eventually forgot about the dream. Their judgment got clouded by the monthly compensation they received and eventually got trapped and convinced themselves that they have found job security.

They don`t realize that as long you work for someone else you will never live a satisfying life. Any moment from now you could lose your current employment and be back where you started. This is why I strongly believe that you should not stop working on your own dream as long as you breathe; there is plenty of opportunities to make it come true. Even as you work on your nine to five jobs you can start right where you are.

You can only get more life when you do the work you love. You can only find happiness when you work on something you are passionate about. Your passion is your key to achieving real success. It is your key to earning the income you always dream of. So why wait? What are you waiting for? A miracle? Money? A new job or position? Why not start right now and work on that dream? Your potential is unlimited; you just have to give yourself a chance to explore it. Act on your dreams right now and see what will happen. Stop wasting your precious time.

Donovan Bailey says, “Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and, above all, don’t let anyone limit your dreams.” This is what we all do once we find a day job and we let our colleagues and senior managers limit our dreams. They promise us an increase in salary and we jump up celebrating and bragging to other employees, all because they gave a 7% salary increase.

We accept and appreciate whatever little they have given us, which doesn’t even amount to our value on the market, and before we blink; we would be accepting one of those Long Service Awards to hang on our walls. All along we`ve been helping someone follow their passion and have forgotten ours. We have learned to love something that was supposed to be temporary. If you are reading this and it`s making you think about your own life, then I have achieved my purpose. Let me say this one last this thing to you, “Don’t Just Sit There! Start Getting More Out of life!” 



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    Powerful bafo ey an straightforwad

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