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As an Author, Speaker and Motivator,  I’m committed to helping you change from who you are – to whom you have the potential of becoming. My personal mantra in life is “believe you CAN, then ACT on it and you WILL.”


My name is Mthokozisi Nkosi. It is my belief that I`m an inspiration with a story that must be told. In fact, I have told my story in my book …

comfort zone


Get Your Copy Now! Take a leap of faith, change from what you are to what you need to be – YOU CAN BOUNCE BACK. Read this book like your …


No Matter How Hard It Gets, Never Give Up 

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Here are some of the featured articles below: I hope you`ll love learning from me as much as I value learning from you. Edmond Mbiaka once wrote, “Don’t allow your pride to stop you from positioning yourself in a circle where you are the least successful one. There is no denial that you could learn some valuable things from people who are more successful than you, that could take you to a much higher level in life.”