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Committed to helping you change from who you are – to whom you have the potential of becoming. My personal mantra in life is “believe you CAN, then ACT on it and you WILL.” I speak at churches, schools, corporate events, non-profit organizations and anywhere there’s an opportunity to impact people’s lives.  All my motivational talks are customized according to your needs.

Mthokozisi Nkosi

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My name is Mthokozisi Nkosi. It is my belief that I`m an inspiration with a story that must be told. In fact, I have told my story in my book …


This is an inspirational personal development/self-help book. It is aimed at 50-80% of people who don’t enjoy their jobs, and who are desperate to change their life but unsure how …

No Matter How Hard It Gets, Never Give Up 

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